Paul McGann on Audio

Fans who are familiar with Paul McGann through his acting on television and in film are often pleased and surprised by Paul's talent as a voice artist and reader. He has the ability to take on any and all characters in the books he reads, imbuing each with his (or her!) own voice and feeling. As for his singing voice -- ask anyone whose favorite WAV file is Paul singing "Let the Great Big World Keep Turning" from the Monocled Mutineer. Then again, some folks just prefer to hear him as Benedick in "Much Ado About Nothing."

Paul's audio recordings are available from, countrybookshop, and a limited number of titles from The new audio adventures of the eighth Doctor Who are available from Big Finish.

Online Audio

Paul is interviewed by K-9 

Paul can currently be heard as the Eighth Doctor an audio reworking of Douglas Adams' Shada. Unfortunately, as the audio has just been released for sale, the streaming version will be unavailable until June 2004. Go to the BBC's Shada site for more information. We highly recommend the "extras" as well. Enjoy K-9's interview with ourPaul. To order your own copy of the Shada CD, go to (the link on the BBC's own Shada page is incorrect as of this writing).
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Upcoming Releases

Big Finish Audio Productions
Paul stars as the Eighth Doctor in these audio adventures.

Season 1:

Season 2:

Season 3:

Current Audio Recordings read by Paul McGann (alphabetically)
    somewhat complete...some titles may be either OOP or OOS.
    Keep watching Ebay for hard-to-find audios.

Eighth Doctor Books (published by BBC)

Title Author(s) ISBN
Alien Bodies Lawrence Miles 0563405775
The Bodysnatchers Mark Morris 0563405686
The Eight Doctors Terrance Dicks 0563405635
Genocide Paul Leonard 0563405724
Kursaal Peter Anghelides 0563405783
Option Lock Justin Richards 056340583X
Vampire Science Kate Orman & Jon Blum 056340566X
War of the Daleks John Peel 0563405732