Since the PMEB first began (way back in the mists of time -- in 1996) our ranks have been growing not only by people seeing Paul's performances and immediately going "Who the heck *is* that guy?", but also in the other most natural way, by babies being born to our members. This Baby Album is a memory book of just some of the children born into the PMEB since it's inception.



 Marcus John Dustin resting with mummy

 Marcus John Dustin
son of Kerry & Dave
Born 29 January, 2004

Born at 1:03 a.m., 1200gms (2 lb 10 oz), 37cm (14.5") long.

You can keep up with his progress here.

 Virginia Arin
daughter of Brenda & Christopher
Born 2 October, 2003

At birth: 7 lb 12 oz., 19.5"

Virginia's page is here

 Virginia, about to try solid food


 Kimberly Charlotte
daughter of Gail Polly & Rafael
Born 6 June, 2003

Born at 3:30 a.m., 8 lb 4 oz, 21" long.

daughter of Andi B.
Born 10 April, 2003

At birth: 7 lb 6 oz., 20"

Casey's page is here.


Eleanor Ruth 

Eleanor Ruth
daughter of Sheri & Daniel
Born 13 January, 2003

Eleanor is starting to enjoy Snore, a book with audio tape performed by Paul McGann) which puts her right on track!

Kayla Nicole (aka "Bayou Babe")
daughter of BayouBecky & Tom
PMEB's "Miracle Baby"
Born 19 April, 2001

Newborn KaylaShe's obsessed with Blue's Clues (and has a preference for Steve, thankyouverymuch) and Dora the Explorer.  Has a penchant for kissing pictures of a certain someone (although Mommy swears she has NOTHING to do with that!!)

BayouBabe Kayla at Two

Benjamin Joshua at Two

Benjamin Joshua
son of Willow
Born 5 April 2001

Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Thinks that Peter Davison is his second dad and Mummy's boyfriend. Mum swears that she has nothing to do with his liking for Batman (honest). He can name all four TellyTubbies and tell you what colour they are.


Alexander Pierson
son of Steph & Bill
Born 24 January, 1997

Loves knights, castles, and mummies; Harry Potter, archeology and paleontology, costumes, and being the center of attention.

Alexander, at his fourth birthday party