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Mary Ellen (aka Suedoise) Alryssa of Gallifrey Sharon (Whobie1) Susan T.
(a.k.a. Edana)
Michele S. The Great Crest of the PMEB
Sharon's card Who1 PaulDoc PaulDoc
This is a series of 3 "Christmas cards" that convey a carol sung by some possibly reconigzable folks. You owe it to yourself to download these! See them together here. PaulDoc and Kitten. Inspired by Vampire Science Sharon's Xmas Card
(yes, it *is* mistletoe!)
PaulDoc 1 PaulDoc 2 PaulDoc
Michele S. (Model in photos: her TomDoc doll)
Zen and the Doctor Pert on a Bearskin Rug All Dressed Up spread 'em spank me
Zen and the Art of Being the Doctor Sweetness on a bearskin rug All dressed up (and nowhere to go?) it push-ups, or what? ;-) Oh those kinky Barbie dolls

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