Photo Gallery

courtesy: Marilyn M. And Alex
Green Eyes Wedding Day
Green eyes -- maybe you'd better sit down The wedding day. From Women's Own -- one of the nicest I've ever seen

courtesy: Linda S.

The Doctor poses Same Pose outlined Dr and Grace
A classic pose The same pose made art The Doctor and Grace
The Doctor Kiss #2 Kiss #3
A classic pose with slight smile Um...a kiss...rather passionate The farewell kiss
Who Close Up Paper Mask Video Sleeve To access an image, click on the thumbnail. Note that the full size images are around 60-75Kbytes (except where noted).
Who, close up Video sleeve from Paper Mask. Who's this Amanda Donohoe anyway??

courtesy: Sharon (Whobie1)

comic frame McGann Family  
First frame from the Doctor Who comic (Radio Times) The McGann Clan (c. 1986?). The kids (from L to R) Stephen, Paul, Joe, Clare, Mark.  

Other Sources

TV Scene TV Week Paul w/ crystal
from Australia's TV Scene (from the Doctor Who Picture Page) from Austrlia's TV Week (thanks to Fiona Simms) You might want to sit down for this one, too. One of the best pictures of Paul with suede cut :-) (thanks to Agent J.!)