Dianne and Janet's Holiday Snaps

Our Paul
And again

Why are these women smiling?

L-R: Sharon, Alryssa, Janet, Dianne, Steph, Paul, Marion

Well, wouldn't you be?

L-R: (back row) Marion, Paul, Steph, Dianne, Janet, Sharon
(front row) Alryssa, Jukiee

Alryssa finally has a good picture taken with Paul.
As does Dianne
But Janet puts everyone else to shame.
Left to Right: Judi, Lynn, Kelly, Marion, Carole, Elsa, Mary Ellen, Vicky, Steph, and Jukiee
Now it's: Judi, Lynn, Dianne, Marion, Carole, Elsa, Mary Ellen, Vicky, Steph and Jukiee -- we'd just come from enjoying a Victorian-style Music Hall.
Monday Night: Kelly, Gina, Judi, Marion and Vicky outside the Bush
Sharon, Janet and Kelly get very silly with the Andrew, the bartender
One of the posters at The Bush. Clockwise from upper left: Jung and Freud go walking in the "woods", the restraint-device salesman, Philemon, Jung and his wife, Emma, the head of the institute
Click on any picture to see a larger version. All photos taken by Dianne Smith or Janet Reedman.