Marion and Vicky's Holiday Snaps

Elsa, Vicky, Steph and Judi right before Sunday morning Mass at All Saints Margaret Street
The Fringe and Firkin at night. The Bush Theatre is on the "first" floor (that's the pub on the "ground" floor.)
A little chat with Paul. (That's Lynn, Marion, Steph and Mary Ellen in the foreground -- and you can just see Carole in the back)
Group Shot! Okay, on the stairs, starting at the top, L to R: Alryssa, Alex, Steph, Lynn, ourPaul, Carole, Elsa, Marion, Random, Mary Ellen, Judi
standing next to the stairs: Vanessa
sitting next to the stairs: Vicky

This is the "sexy" shot

Same folks.

This is the "smiling" shot.

Eventually the gang makes it to Cardiff.

L-R: Marion, Alryssa, ??, Vicky, Jukiee (in back), Dianne, Sharon

And here's the entire Manchester gang visiting Granada studios.(I'll have to get the list of names from Marion. :-)

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All photos by Marion and Vicky Saunderson.