Steph's Sabina Pictures


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Here's THE Radio Times Cover along with the autograph:

"To all the PMEB
With all my love
Paul x"

Paul discusses British Mercury with Lynn (who sadly, was out of shot)
Did you say, Leak Soup?
Alryssa goes over the ingredients while Lynn looks on
Marion offers a share in the Liverpool F.C. (well, at least it looked like an official certificate.)

Download the certificate:

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Mini size (42.6 Kbytes)

Alryssa has brought some rather sad news about Liverpool FC
(which she immediately regrets telling him.)
Steph presents him with the Southern delicacy, grits (yes the package had instructions on how to cook them.)
Also some watermelon rind pickles (not as good as Granny used to make)
BTW, that's "Baldy the Eagle" in Paul's pocket.
Mary Ellen starts describing her picture to Paul ...
... who loves it.
(yes, that's Mary Ellen getting the big hug.)