Withnail & I

Handmade Films

Marwood has just seen something rather nasty (I'll spare you) He scans the headlines. Yet another walk in Regent's Park.
"I'll moider da pair o'yehs!" One of the rare shaving scenes Yet another from the same scene (that's fog on the mirror)
Preparing for the meeting with Uncle Monty Withnail threatens "I". (Note how Paul resembles brother Stephen here) The picture the boys shouldn't see.
"Monty, You terrible c***!" Withnail and Uncle Monty plot against Marwood (approx. 200K) And Marwood wants nothing to do with it (approx. 200K)
"I mean to have you even if it must be burglary!" "This is me, naked, in a corner!" (approx 200K) Marwood and Withnail

Note the two black and white images come courtesy of T. Slattery's Withnail Page

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Threatened with a dead fish