26 January, 2004

Gallifrey 2004 -- Schedule Update

Just a quick note from Shaun Lyon on a very slight change in Paul's appearance schedule:

"There's been a change to Paul's appearance at Gallifrey: due to a slight shift in his filming schedule, Paul needs to get back to London by leaving Sunday rather than Monday, so we've had to adjust things.  Paul will now appear at 11am Sunday to be followed by a 12-1:30pm autograph session, rather than the original 1:30-3 autographs and 3-4pm panel. Obviously we're happy to accommodate his needs."

21 January, 2004

More Information on Gallifrey 2004

Gallifrey 2004Shaun Lyon (of Gallifrey Conventions) has sent me the following information about Paul's appearance there:

The main hotel is sold out, but there are several others in the area that are likely available. This is a great opportunity for those of us on this side of the pond to hear and meet Paul.

Paul McGann Fans in Japan

The extent of Paul's appeal just keeps expanding. Darling Denise (who has been away from us far too long) returned with news of a fabulous Paul site by a Japanese fan. You might not be able to read any of the text, but the links are relatively easy to follow, and a picture is worth a thousand words: is run by Sei. Well worth the visit!

13 January, 2004 -- Happy New Year!!

Paul's First American Appearance: Slated to Appear at Gallifrey 2004 -- February 13-16, Los Angeles, CA

Now it can be told! Elsa has had to keep this one under her hat, but now has permission to let the cat out (that would be the Game Cat for you "Vert" fans). According to Elsa's missive:

    ...I've got permission to tell you the really nice thing that Paul told us Friday night, that we've been keeping under our hats.

    Paul McGann is expected to make his first North American convention appearance at Gallifrey One, in Los Angeles, Feb. 13-16, 2004.

    I had to wait to spill this until I could get permission from the people at Gallifrey One. They've been holding onto this info because the agreement still hasn't been finalized because of the schedules of Mr. McGann and the intermediaries, Big Finish. (Big Finish, I'm sure most of you know, is the company that puts out the Doctor Who audios that Paul does.

    I know this is short notice, and it isn't even an absolutely sure thing, yet. But Paul certainly seemed to think it was going to happen when we talked to him Friday night. And the Gallifrey One people are doing all they can to make it happen.

To reach the Gallifrey One website, go to Many of our members have attended Galley in the past and recommend it as fun and well-run. The other (confirmed) guests this year include Sylvester McCoy, Janet Fielding and Paul Darrow (of Blake's 7 fame).

PMEB Members meet with Paul (yet again) and brother Stephen!

An international group of PMEB'ers (representing Britain, the U.S., Canada and Australia) met in London to see Paul in "Elektra" (see more below) and were fortunate enough to meet with the man himself and his brother, Stephen. Not only did they spend a delectable time in the green room after the play, but managed to have a bit of tea the next day as well. For more details on the meeting, go to Yahoo! groups and join McGanned. There are several accounts already posted there.

Since late November, Eve Best with Paul McGann -- photo by Ivan KynclPaul has been appearing as Adam Brant with Helen Mirren in Eugene O'Neill's "Mourning Becomes Electra" at the National Theatre Lyttelton. The show runs through the end of January. However, our intrepid nine sent news that the play has been extended to run through May! Keep an eye on the NTL's website for extended ticket sales. (photo borrowed from the National Theatre's website. Click on the photo for access to a larger version of the picture).

Brother Joe McGann -- Of Mice and Men

Just in case you go to London and one McGann is not enough (is one ever??), beginning February 3rd, you can see Joe McGann portraying Lennie in "Of Mice and Men". The play will be running at the Old Vic at least through April 3rd. Tickets and more information can be obtained from the Old Vic's website.

Latest Hornblower Series Available on DVD in North America

Hornblower's "New Adventures", series three, is available now on DVD. A&E took their sweet time airing it over here, but now you can watch as much as you want. The two stories are "Loyalty" and "Duty". DVDPriceSearch came up with one of my favorite purveyors of DVD's in North America, DeepDiscountDVD, as having the lowest price (US$22.37 as of this writing) on this item (with free shipping!).

The Year 2003 in Review -- Better Late than Never

October 2002 -- (okay, more than a year ago...)


Bristol Poetry Festival: Paul joined by his writer wife Annie and poet/actor Angus Brown read a selection of poetry "of War and Peace". Described as "An eclectic evening touching on all aspects of war and peace from the trenches to the bedroom, from the battle of the sexes to emotional no-man's-lands. Voices from behind the lines, exploding with passion or pacifying with poetry of the highest quality from the uncelebrated writer to the classroom classic." At least one PMEB'er attended and said it was amazing and that Annie is a fantastic reader in her own right.

December 2002


"Fish" series finally makes it to Aussie-land. American fans left floundering. (*ouch*)

January 2003


January 5: New Hornblower series ("The New Adventures: Loyalty & Duty") airs in the U.K. American, Canadian and Aussie fans seeing green.

February 2003


 Our Aussie friends get to see the new Hornblower. North Americans get news it won't show here until much later in the year and ask, "was it something we said???"

March 2003


 From February 25th through March 15th, Paul starred with Susan Harker in the UK premiere of The Little Black Book by French writer Jean-Claude Carriere at the Riverside Studios. The play "...tells the tale of Jean-Jacques whose world is turned upside down when he leaves his front door ajar and a total stranger slips into his life."

April 2003


New audio book "Sharpe's Havoc" becomes available via U.K. booksellers.

Paul has an interview in the online version of the souvenir magazine for the BAFTA awards. Scroll through the menu until you can click on "Sea Change" and enjoy!

May 2003


Shada CD CoverartMay 3: Paul McGann appears at Collectormania 3 in Milton Keynes. Our own Willow was in raptures after meting the man but fortunately our Carolyn was able to give a cognizant report (which will be posted on the site...eventually). Another amazing personal appearance.

...which astoundingly corresponds with the debut of the online-only production of "Shada" at the BBC Website. That production has been taken offline now, but is available on CD from

A special thank you to Andrew Hearne for putting the (large) image of Paul at Collectormania 3 up on his website.

June 2003


Quiet month -- except the announcment of Paul signing at Tenth Planet in November.

July 2003


Shocking news! BBC sanctions a new Doctor -- REG!

August 2003


"My Kingdom" (starring Richard Harris and OurPaul in a reworking of King Lear) becomes available on DVD for Region 2.

The TVM makes a showing on *two* in the afternoon. Much growling and gnashing of teeth from the working girls.

We learn of Paul working on a film called "Poppies" (sounds like an independent project) which the filmmakers were hoping to release by Spring, 2004. The Waltham Forest Guardian carried the article.

September 2003


Kenneth Branagh showed his silent film "Listening" with Paul McGann and Frances Barber on September 16 at a silent film festival in Bristol.  No word yet on any public release. More on this film is available from

The BBC tease us once again with the news that they're planning to start airing Doctor Who again. This time produced by BBC Wales. No Doctor named, no schedule of filming or airing yet.

October 2003


We learned that Paul had been filming a Poirot mystery called "The Hollow". No air dates yet -- but we're keeping our ears out for more news. His agent was suspecting A&E would carry the story (and 3 other new Poirot stories) in the winter, but there's also a chance that PBS's "Mystery!" could carry it.

Judi reports that Paul "...appeared at Panopticon. He said he would like to play the Doctor again, but so far nobody has asked him.  A recap is allegedly on the BBCi chat board.  Pics of a very dapper Paul can be seen at:"

November 2003


Paul shows up at Tenth Planet in Essex to sign copies of Zagreus (from Big Finish) and celebrate the 40th anniversary of Doctor Who. Pictures from more 40th Anniversary celebrations can be seen at Willow is fortunate enough to attend and delivers our birthday card to him in person. Nothing but the finest service from the PMEB.

Paul begins his run in "Mourning Becomes Electra" at the National Theatre.

Nov. 11: Paul and Annie do readings from Max Arthur's "Forgotten Voices of the Great War" at the Imperial War Museum. Arthur talked about his book. Our Horatian friend Kathleen was fortunate enough to attend and says "It was very moving and sad. Paul and Annie were wonderful."

Someone has started a "Paul McGann to Remain the Doctor" online petition. These things seldom accomplish anything, but if you like to do something that feels good, go to

December 2003


Early December: North Americans *finally* get to see the new Hornblower series on A&E. About time, they all grouse.


10 March, 2003

A Personal Appearance in the Offing???

Meg L. reports to us this astounding news item: According to OutPost Gallifrey (who got the news from one Paul Vazquez) ourPaul is to make a personal apperance at "CollectorMania 3" in Milton Keynes on Saturday, May 3. Knowing Paul's track record for making personal con appearances, we are taking this with a grain of salt. However, hope springs eternal, and if you wish to keep an eye on the developments around this convention and see who else is to make an appearance (quite a stellar line-up), the website is: The cost is free, and the other stars making appearances could make it worthwhile for anyone living within comfortable distance of Buckinhamshire.

Just a note: There are bound to be "autograph fees" involved. Gleaned from the CollectorMania discussion boards is this note from someone who went before:

26 February, 2003

After a long absence, constant watcher is attempting to catch up on everything ourPaul has been up to. As usual, he's been a very busy lad...

Paul McGann Returns to the Stage!!

This is by far the biggest news we've had in a long, long time. For those of us fortunate enough to have seen Paul in Sabina back in 1998 it is an absence of far, far too long. From now until March 15h, Susannah Harker and Paul McGann are starring in the UK premiere of The Litle Black Book by French writer Jean-Claude Carriere at the Riverside Studios. Here is what Riverside Studios has to say about the production:

Sounds like a treat for anyone lucky enough to see it (and as soon as any of our lot go and send a review, we'll post it). The tickets are £15 (£10 concs), and on March 4 (Tuesday) there will be a "Post Show Talk".

Horatio Hornblower "Loyalty" has Aired in Britain and Australia -- Can the US be far behind?

Probably....Denise reports that "Have just heard from what appears to be a legit source that the new Hornblower films are not going to be aired in the US until October-December 2003." Bugger.

Here's what a couple of our lucky Brit and Aussie stalwarts have to say about this new Horatio Hornblower:

Carole writes: "Of course Hornblower was the hero and Bush was not, so I suppose quite rightly Paul had a lot less screen time. I thought the end was a bit lame and the whole story more than a bit contrived....but Charlie is a Hornblower fan and seemed to enjoy it."

Vickie writes: "Theres loads of French butt kicking, which ain't a bad thing! and Greg Wise (Oh Mr Whiloughby you will care very much when your nose swells up) was very believable as a and Paul gets to do loads of shouting too!!!!!  

Ace writes: "There is definitely not enough of Mr Bush, though that manly screaming of the word 'fire' is enough to make me quiver *grin* Anyway, Ioan gives yet another sterling performance, and I was so glad to see Matthews and Styles back. Even my sister said she would have stopped watching it if they had not have been back *giggle* Paul does brilliantly with the little he has, and Julia Sawahla has always been a favourite of mine."

Annie, who waxes eloquent, writes:

Paul and Ioan Gruffudd Reunite Animatedly

The film Otherworld was created over five years by a Welsh film company apparently sponsored by S4C (Welsh television broadcasting). It combines live action (modern time) with animation (the "Otherworld" which is accessible via a golden doorway open only on May Eve). Paul plays Matholwch, the King of Ireland, and Ioan plays Bendigeidfran, king of Britain. There have been various screenings, but apparently no regular theatrical release or release to video. You can see more about this film (including a "preview") at

Even though the film is animated, it appears to have adult themes and a great deal of violence. Definitely not one for the kiddies.

Shada Returns! At Least in WebCast

Paul has joined with a cast including Lalla Ward (Romana II), John Leeson (K-9's voice), James Fox and Susannah Harker (yes, the same actress from The Little Black Book) to recreate (and complete) Douglas Adam's long lost story, Shada, the greatest Doctor Who story never seen. The show was originally begun in 1979 with the cast including Tom Baker as the Doctor, but was never completed due to an "industrial action" (read: strike). The webcast is scheduled to be broadcast in Spring 2003 on BBCi. You can read more, and enjoy a rather nice photo of ourPaul stretching while Lalla cuddles with K-9 at

The lucky folks at Gallifrey One (held in L.A.) got to hear an exclusive 10-minute clip from the webcast. Just a taste of what's to come.

The Harry Potter "Prisoner of Azkaban" Dream Dies Hard

Alas, I am sorry to relate, the part of Remus Lupin has gone to one David Thewlis who is famous for playing "odd" and somewhat dangerous characters. We are certain he will do an admirable job, but oh, do so wish it could have gone to Paul instead...

22 June, 2002

Mystery!-ous Treat


    Paul McGann as Ben Turner in "Forgotten" 
    Arguably one of Paul's greatest performances of late as Ben Turner, and surely one of the best-produced stories, Forgotten is to air beginning Monday, July 1st on Mystery! on your local PBS station. Episodes 2 and 3 will be shown on July 8 and 15, but check your local listings to be sure. From the Mystery! press release:
    Vengeance and unspeakable crimes converge on a peaceful Cotswold village in Forgotten, a three-part thriller on MYSTERY!, airing Mondays at 9pm, July 1, 8, and 15, 2002. Amanda Burton and Paul McGann star as two weary survivors. She, of the brutal killing 20 years earlier of her daughter, whose body was never found; he, of the wrongful conviction -- he claims -- for that very crime.

More at

Not-Quite-Paulapalooza III

Though it won't be an "official" Paulapalooza, many PMEB'ers will be converging on Baltimore, Maryland, for the "Shore Leave" convention on July 12-14, 2002. More information about Shore Leave can be obtained by going to

Harry Potter Wishes

Okay, we've got to have it out -- We want to nominate Paul for the role of Remus Lupin. The PMEB have agreed en masse that he is the ideal person to take the role. Now -- can anyone relay this to the person with final casting decisions for HP & The Prisoner of Azkaban? A separate contingent has also taken up the call to cast Richard E. Grant as Sirius Black. It all sounds good to us -- there's just something about that McGann/Grant chemistry...

Now Available: The Importance of Being Earnest

Estelle gives us this pleasant news: is now offering a Region 1 DVD entitled "Oscar Wilde Collection" which includes Paul's performance as John Worthing in "The Importance of Being Earnest". The cost is around $35. If you don't have a DVD player, or prefer to have just Paul's performance (and/or don't care for "The Picture of Dorian Gray" (1976), An Ideal Husband (1969), and "Lady Windemere's Fan" (1985)), the VHS tape is also available at a cost of $14.98 from the BBC America Shop.

Also Available: Horatio Hornblower Hits Britain (at last!)

Caz reports that she has actually seen a copy of "Mutiny" in the shops with ourPaul gracing the cover. As she stated, "and damn fine he looked too!"

Paul's VO

Brit-girls (and guys) keep your ears open! Apparently, according to Vickie, there's a Goodyear Tyre ad with Paul as VO. You never know where he'll show up next...

22 April, 2002

HH3 -- Now It Can Be Told!!

One of the most frequently asked in our Interactive McGann is "Will Paul be in the next Horatio Hornblower"? The Answer from A&E is unequivocally...YES!!!! From A&E's HH message board:

More on the new season as we hear.

7 February, 2002

Oz Alert: Paul Narrates "The Secret World of Year 3"

Annie Oz tells us about this documentary about seven-year-olds. Paul does the VO. She reports it as "wonderfully sweet", and a reviewer called it nearly as good as "7-Up" (to quote Annie: "Not the drink, you fules, but wot was on Teev.") It will be showing on Australia TV's Lifestyle Channel on three consecutive Sundays at 5:30pm, beginning February 10th. Lifestyle's synopsis:

30 January, 2002

A sheepish Happy New Year! to ya all...

Blood Strangers to air Sunday and Monday (3-4 Feb)

Blood Simple cast shotBlood Strangers will be playing in Britain this week. The times are 9:30pm Sunday and Monday at 9:00p.m. Carole tells us that Paul plays a Family Liaison officer with the police.

The Radio Times (from whom the picture at left is borrowed) gives us this synopsis:

Paul on DVD (North America and UK):

Catherine the Great (NA), Dealers (UK), Doctor Who (TVM)(UK), Forgotten (NA), Horatio Hornblower (NA only), Our Mutual Friend (UK only), Withnail & I (Criterion Edition - NA and UK).

For those in North America looking for the best deal on a DVD, I can highly recommend DVD Price Search.

Unfortunately, I don't know of a similar site in the UK. BUT, I can recommend Choices Direct (free shipping -- even overseas) and Black Star (low-cost shipping, and great people). Choices Direct also carries books on tape!

PMEB -- In a Paul McGann Interview???

Carole has alerted us to this charming exchange from TV Quick:

Is it warm in here...or is it just me??

Since last spring...

My Kingdom

Mother Me Daughter (aired 10 July 2001)

Jo brought us this information from HTV:

Brenda Fricker and Paul McGann star in the first of the Western Lights winning dramas to be screened during HTV West's summer drama season. Mother Me Daughter tells the story of a woman's quest to find her son after she was forced to give him up for adoption in the early 1950s.

Written and directed by Ann-Marie McCormack, produced by Lesley Morgan of Maiden's Voyage Productions for HTV West and the Western Lights initiative. Western Lights is a joint venture between HTV and the South West Media Development Agency, which aims to promote and increase the quality of drama in the west.

This drama centres round an Irish woman in her late sixties, Teresa Flanagan, and her daughter Siobhan. Teresa has spent all of her working and married life in Bristol, as well as raising her daughter there. However, Teresa has a secret past which brought her to Bristol in the first place. It is only on the death of Teresa's husband that her daughter discovers one of her mother's diaries, and the reason why her mother found her way to Bristol.

Mia has some lovely screen snaps available here.

20 March, 2001

Interactive McGann -- Paul Answers Your Questions

Well, the response to Interactive McGann has been quite gratifying. So far Paul has managed to answer 24(!) of your questions. Mosey on over and have a look.

A&E's Hornblower Schedule, Pictures, Interviews, and More!

A&E have finally put up a Hornblower information site. Thank you, Lynn E. for alerting us. Our lad is interviewed at The pictures and interviews are well worth any download time. 

Nurse Denise, knowing that the only cure for being thoroughly McGanned is overexposure, has kindly put together the schedule for us:



Denise notes: "The above is all that was listed for 'Retribution', but the copious showings of 'Mutiny' would seem to bode well for this one being on practically all the time as well."

12 March, 2001

Hornblower II Dates Set for U.S.

Thanks to Dianne's sharp eyes (she was watching Lorna Doone) we now know that Hornblower II series will be shown on April 8 and 15 (one show each evening according to the A&E message boards). Stay posted for more information as it comes.

Interactive McGann Makes Its Debut

Yes!  Now it can be told...a certain secret project has now been unveiled. It is the co-production of British Mercury and PMEB, and "himself". 

16 February, 2001

Stop the Presses! "Hotel" Pics and Synopsis Available

You'd better take a deep breath before going to this site. Channel 5 has a ... compelling picture of ourPaul with Keeley Hawes on their site about Hotel (Eugene and Lizzy have made it to the 21st century). Be sure to click on the Profiles link. Nice photos and bios of the entire cast. Thanks to Vickie for the scoop!

Oh! Paul's character: "Paul plays hero Ben Carter, former UN commando, now Assistant Manger at The Nearby Hotel. He is a man haunted by his past."

14 February, 2001 Happy Valentine's Day!

"Hotel" to Air on Sunday, 18 February at 21:00 on Channel 5

Yes, there's an air date at last! And here, from the Radio Times, is the synopsis:

Action spoof about the events that unfold when the American president (played by Lee Majors) is held hostage in an English country hotel. When the president's plane is forced to make an emergency landing at a local air club, his gang of bumbling special agents book him in to the Nearby Hotel and Country Club under the cunningly assumed name of 'Abraham Lincoln', but it isn't long before his whereabouts become known.

Paul (list first in the credits!) plays Ben Carter. Other notables in the cast include Art Malik, Peter Capaldi, and Keeley Hawes (Eugene's Lizzy in OMF). The British Lee Majors Online Fan Club has a rather fun picture of him in the role of The President. Alas, none of Paul. (Thanks to Denise for the alert.)

AND...Here's ourVickie's quick synopsis of the plot based on the one television advert she's seen for it:

From what I can tell, Paul plays an ex-special forces man who either runs the hotel, or as in some tv mags, is the security chief of the hotel. Art Malik plays one of the kidnappers and Lysette Anthony plays the other. Lee Majors plays the president. When his plane crashes he is forced to take refuge in this hotel where he is kidnapped (or attempted to be kidnapped by the bungling terrorists). And it's down to our lad to save the day (hence the director thanking him for his heroic role!

From what I can see (and the ad was very short) it looks quite funny. One scene was shown with a man saying to Paul, "the president's been kidnapped, and I know just the man to sort it out." Paul asks, "who?" And he says, "he's on his holiday in Crete at the moment"!!!!!!!

Paul McGann Film Festival Continues on UK Drama

Thanks to Vickie and her McGannDale pages, we here present the remaining schedule of shows

Fri 16th Feb 21.00 - Nature Boy
22.15 - Nature Boy
01.50 - Nature Boy
Sat 17th Feb  21.00 - Fish
22.05 - Fish
01.40 - Fish
Fri 23rd Feb 21.00 - Nice Town
22.05 - Nice Town
01.15 - Nice Town
Sat 24th Feb 22.05 - Fish
01.10 - Fish
02.15 - Fish
Mon 26th Feb 21.00 - Fish
22.05 - Fish
23.05 - Fish
00.05 - Nice Town
01.15 - Fish
02.10 - Fish
03.05 - Fish
04.00 - Nice Town
Tue 27th Feb 21.00 - Fish
22.05 - Fish
00.05 - Nice Town
01.20 - Fish
04.00 - Nice Town
Wed 28th Feb 00.10 - Nice Town
04.00 - Nice Town

7 February, 2001

Paul to Begin Filming "Mother and Daughter"

Lynn has sent us news via Annie that Paul is "about to do something" for one of their local television companies entitled (she believes) "Mother and Daughter". Co-starring is the fabulous Brenda Fricker, academy-award winner for her role as Daniel Day-Lewis' mother in "My Left Foot" and long-time "Casualty" star. 

Send Your Valentine Greeting to Paul and Annie

Help us give them lots of huggies and kissies for Valentine's Day. Send your message of love to Paul and Annie through our own Valentine form

21 January, 2001

Wow! Two notes in one month -- maybe those resolution thingies work after all...

Hornblower Release and Air Dates -- U.K. AND U.S. (and there was much rejoicing...)

Mia (from whom floweth all manner of wonderful information): 

The first episode of Hornblower II (Mutiny) is scheduled for video release in the UK on Feb. 19th. You can order it through Blackstar or Choices Direct. Note that at the moment it is only available in PAL format. Folks in North America may have to wait until April for an NTSC version to be available.

Denise, not to be outdone, has been keeping her eyes open as well...

According to an article in the Pittsburgh-Post Gazette, which was copied to the HH message boards at A&E's website, the new films are due to be shown on April 8th and the 15th.

I believe the early sales are said to be brisk...

The Paul McGann Film Festival -- UK Drama -- 9-23 February 2001

Mia let us know about this wonderful festival. Offerings by our lad include Fish, Nature Boy and Nice Town. Now, Nice Town was done quite a while ago so many folks may not have seen it. But let me assure you, it's one performance you don't want to miss!! Here are some details from Carole:

Fish, Nature Boy, and Nice Town are being shown on a satellite channel UK Drama. There are two interviews in mags called Satellite TV and What Satellite TV. There may be more so watch out in the UK. These are the ONLY programmes with Paul in according to the interviews. Pimpernel is being shown on the same channel, but it is of course REG. They show two episodes each night once a week until the last week when Nice Town starts. Then Paul's on three nights in a row!!!!

16 January, 2001

The new millenium is truly here! And so much is going on for our fellow...

"Horatio Hornblower" to Air Soon in the U.K. -- North America Waits in Agony

It's coming ... soooooon. Just to whet your appetite, here is a bit of Paul interview concerning his character, Lieutenant Bush:

"All the other officers find Paul McGann as Lieutenant Bush Bush difficult to read because he keeps his own counsel. When Hornblower initially comes across Bush, he doesn't know what to make of him. The suspicion cuts both ways, and Bush doesn't know what to make of Hornblower. I think he likes him and rather admires him.

"I've played action roles before. I like them. Itís great fun to be storming a fort with your mates doing nothing too complex or dark or ambiguous. Itís just great to get into your tights and fire your musket. It's refreshing to get a bow and arrow in your hand or command an army or ride or horse or whatever. It sure beats leaning on a mantelpiece, having a mild tiff in some drawing room."

Thanks to the Hornblower (official) website. You'll want to check this out -- lots of great information: (check out the background image on the left -- you'll have a nice glimpse of 'Lieutenant Bush')

If you'd like to see more images of Paul as Lt Bush, visit the McGanned List area of Egroups. You have to join to view, but you don't have to receive emails. Go figure. Mia is responsible for these lovely screen captures from "Horatio Hornblower Uncovered" (and for the one gracing this article.) Make sure to visit her Hornblower site: 

News of ourPaul ... FROM ourPaul

Paul, his lovely wife Annie, and the boys have just returned from a no-frills trip to Nepal (no frills meaning no phone, no electricity!) Lynn Gavigan (she of "British Mercury") has forwarded the following note from Paul about his current activities:

"I'm doing a short film in London next week called Robertson Major. I play a dying man who's meeting his little brother for dinner. They both want the evening to go well but it doesn't. In fact one of them ends up dying.Written and directed by (lovely) Nell Greenwood.

"Australia was a hoot.{Note: Paul has been in Australia filming Queen of the Damned. --slg} In the end I was there three weeks and worked just three days ("..I've come on holiday by mistake.."). Spring weather and plenty of fun and games. Figured I must have done something right to deserve it...

"News of 'The Biographer'. There's a final print doing the rounds-- my agent saw a screening while I was away. She said it made her cry...

"News of 'Hotel'. It's to be screened on ITV here at the end of February. I got a letter from the director last week thanking me for my 'heroic' performance. Might have to watch that one myself.

"News of 'My Kingdom'. Early editing stage, due for a summer release here.

"News of 'Hornblower'. Crew screenings over Christmas, so ready to air. Probably mid Feb--March here.

"After the short film I'll be two weeks recording some more Dr. Who CD's, no doubt the last before I'm pensioned off. Will let you know more about it when I do."

We have a great deal to look forward to.

"Storm Warning" promo in Doctor Who Magazine

Those lucky enough to snarf a copy of this month's DW Monthly have told us that "Storm Warning" is wonderful! (How could it be otherwise.) The jury is out on Charley's character, but until we hear the whole story it's difficult to judge.  

"Queen of the Damned" Wraps

As Paul mentioned above, he had a role in the upcoming film adaptation of Anne Rice's "Queen of the Damned." The character he plays, David Talbot, becomes more important in the later books. Whether those will be adapted for screen we shall have to see. 

According to Van (who runs the unofficial movie site) QotD will premiere in the U.S. on 5 October, 2001, and in Australia on 1 November, 2001. For more on the film, visit Van's movie info page: 

If you'd like to see how Paul might look as Talbot, check out Debbie's QotD cast site.  

25 October, 2000

So much news...ourPaul has been rather busy...

"Horatio Hornblower" Previews Showing on British Television

Caz has reported seeing the previews for the new Horatio Hornblower stories. Ioan Gruffudd and Paul make a great pairing and are looking very fine in their kit. Keep an eye out! 

For an interesting take on the filming of these new Hornblower episodes, check out the A&E Horatio Hornblower II Production Log archive. 

Paul McGann, Nicholas Courtney, India Fisher cast of &quoBig Finish Audios Begin Releasing in January 2001

Big Finish have not only announced the definite release of the three Eighth Doctor stories starring Paul, Nicholas Courtney and India Fisher, but have been so kind as to provide synopses. (Picture from the Big Finish site.)

January 2001: Storm Warning, written by Alan Barnes, directed by Gary Russell, features Gareth Thomas (late of Blake's 7) and is where Charley (India Fisher) is introduced. 

February 2001: Sword of Orion, written and directed by Nicholas Briggs, the Doctor and Charley face the Cybermen. 

March 2001: The Stones of Venice, written by Paul Magrs, directed by Gary Russell, features courts and curses.

April 2001: Minuet in Hell, written by Alan W Lear with Gary Russell, directed by Nicholas Briggs, reunites the Doctor with the Brigadier in the early 21st century. 

Our Own Carolyn Edwards is Published

The PMEB is very proud of member Carolyn Edwards. One of our many artists, Carolyn is now published as the cover artist of "Professor Bernice Summerfield and the Dead Men Diaries" (published by Big Finish). her art will be seen on the cover of "The Doomsday Manuscript" which will be coming out in November. Well done Carolyn!!

"Hotel" -- New Series with Keeley Hawes and the Lee Majors 

By this time filming will most likely be finished on "Hotel", a comic two-hour one-off  for Channel 5. Our NeeCee has heard it described as a cross between "Fawlty Towers" and "Naked Gun". OMF fans will be pleased to see Paul working with Keeley Hawes again. Lee Majors appears as the president on a golfing holiday in the UK. Also featured are Art Malik, Brian Conley, Peter Capaldi, Lysette Anthony and Bradley Walsh. More details as they come.

New Film in the Works?

Mia's source reports that Paul will be co-starring in a new film called "My Kingdom" with Lynn Redgrave and Tom Bell. Apparently it's a "Soprano-esque" story. No confirmation yet, but we'll keep you informed.

Brotherly Doings

Mark McGann plays Cdr Ford on &quoMark McGann is appearing as a guest star on Sean Reynolds a.k.a. Steve McGannThe Bill starting Friday, 27 October on ITV. It's a multi-parter (I think) called "All Fall Down". From The Bill's website: "Sun Hill reels from one of the biggest shocks to strike the station in years when internal investigators march into CID and suspend every officer..." Caz tells us that in "Take a Break" Mark has said he hopes everyone doesn't hate him for his part. He is playing Commander Ford who gets to tell the officers at Sun Hill that the CID office is now a crime scene.

Stephen McGann continues to appear regularly as bad boy Sean Reynolds on Emmerdale Farm. (Steve's picture courtesy of The Emmerdale Farm website.)


4 June, 2000

"Our Mutual Friend" returns to Masterpiece Theatre

Tonight (or tomorrow, or whenever your local PBS station shows it this week) "Our Mutual Friend" returns. Paul portrays of Eugene Wrayburn, part of a tragic love triangle that includes the beautiful but poor and working class Lizzie Hexam and the intense and dangerous schoolmaster Bradley Headstone. For those of us who have been watching his performances for years, this is a favourite. During it's initial run in the U.S. we gained many members -- I expect we'll see yet another increase in a few days. :-)

Warning: PBS, in their wisdom (or whatever), decided the original letterbox format wasn't right for Masterpiece Theatre, nor was the original 4 one-hour episode format. OMF was changed to pan-and-scan, re-edited and changed to three 1.5-hour episodes (or near as). The result is that scenes were lost, scrambled around, and the storyline confused a bit. If you get the chance, see the original as aired on BBC. It is far superior to the PBS version. HOWEVER, having said that -- any version of OMF is better than so much other television, you shouldn't miss it!

Paul in Horatio Hornblower

Although information is scant on who he plays, it has been verified that ourPaul will be in next year's episodes of Horatio Hornblower (currently in production in Minorca). Ioan Gruffudd returns in the title role, and David Warner will be starring as well. Great news! To keep up on the latest gossip, you may wish to check out the A&E Horatio Hornblower message board.

Paul McGann IS the Doctor!! (again)

Yes! He's back, and it's about damn time. Paul has recently completed four audio Doctor Who adventures for Big Finish, including one with the Brigadier (Nicholas Courtney). The Doctor's latest companion, Charlotte "Charley" Pollard, is portrayed by India Fisher (who'll be making her convention debut at Gallifrey 2001). The tapes are expected to be made available beginning January, 2001. For further details, see the news page of Gallifrey One.

28 April, 2000

Gad...has that much time passed???

Yes, your constant reporter has not been very constant...but let's see what we can do to remedy that...

"Fish" Starts Tuesday, May 2!!!
BBC One, 21:30-22:20, Videoplus 862647

Paul's newest television endeavour, "Fish" will begin airing it's first 6-episode season on Tuesday, May 2nd only on BBC One (get your VCRs ready!). Here's how the BBC describes this first episode:

Legal drama series about an employment lawyer who specialises in industrial tribunals and whose home life is a shambles. A headmaster of a Catholic school, whose daughter has committed suicide, turns to Fish after being fired for expressing opinions that offend the school governors.

The Radio Times is a little more informative (and has designated the show "Choice" viewing):

Vishnevski, otherwise known as Fish, is a top employment lawyer who is as bad at parenting as he is good at his job. Supposedly abandoned by his wife, Fish has been left alone to cope with raising his eight-year-old son (Jack Stanley), and he's not doing a very good job of it. Badgered by his in-laws and berated by his own MP dad, Fish can't seem to be there for his son. Paralleled with his home life is the first case: that of the headteacher of a strict Catholic school (Jeff Rawle) who, after his daughter commits suicide, preaches thought before dogma and is consequently dismissed. Into this pot is thrown a roadside chef/philosopher, a Scottish nanny and Jemma Redgrave as a Fish-lorn barrister....

Disparaging comment about ourPaul edited out -- hope you don't mind.

"The Biographer" - Paul's next film

"The Biographer" is a film based on the experiences of journalist Andrew Morton (portrayed by Mr McGann) as he befriended Princess Diana and went on to write her biography (Diana: Her True Story). This has been getting a good amount of press coverage already (gee, wonder why), including Entertainment Tonight. It is slated to be released in the UK and Internationally in the autumn of 2000. Keep tuned for more details (besides the fact that it co-stars Faye Dunaway as a rival journalist.)

Paulapalooza! A Celebration of the Work of Paul McGann
Coming to Toronto this June!

This is a great opportunity to meet your fellow Paul McGann admirers. There will be panels, get-togethers, video viewing, audio listening, and many, many other things to do. Also an auction for charity. Besides all this, it will be in beautiful Toronto (oh, did you forget that's where they filmed the TVM?? Time for a pilgrimage perhaps.) For more information check out their website:

McGann Brothers' doings

Joe and Stephen are off on their now annual trek for charity. Mark has recently gotten married. Alas, alak. More anon.

27 January, 2000

Withnail for Waterford Updates

Exciting things have been happening. The auction is available online for those who'd like to bid but can't make the show. Christies is actually making a catalog for the show (a fun purchase if you don't win an auction item.) Not only as ourPaul been confirmed(!) but Richard Griffiths (dear Uncle Monty) has also agreed to be there, making this the first time all the cast have been together since Withnail was filmed! For all information about the event, check out

20 December, 1999

Withnail for Waterford

Richard E. Grant has organized a great fund-raising event for the Waterford-Kamhlaba School for gifted children (of any race) in his native Swaziland. This news comes to us from the Official REG website:

Withnail for WaterfordThe cast and director of the film [including ourPaul!] will be present for a question and answer session after the film, as well as a host of other celebrities. There will also be an auction of Withnail and I memorabilia, as well as free alcohol and cigarettes to help you get into the Withnail spirit!

The event will be held at the Odeon West-End in Leicester Square (yes, in London) on Monday, 7 February 2000. For more information and the latest news on ticket sales, please visit

6 December, 1999

So much to tell, so far behind...

Since last April I've moved the site from one host provider to another. I think I've got it right now and we should be stable...I hope.

Go Fish (Update)

Paul has been working incredibly hard on a new television series called "Fish". Here's a recent synopsis from The Camden Citizen (thanks to the ever-amazing Mia for relaying the article):

McGann plays Jonathan Vichnesvski (Fish to his friends), who is a brilliant barrister in the world of employment law. But while he's at the top of his profession, his home life teeters on the brink of collapse. His wife has taken off around the world, and his eight-year-old son craves the love and attention his father only gives to his work.

Victoria House, Bloomsbury Square, is used both inside and out as Fish's office in the series, so it should make regular appearances. Fish is filming in London until mid-December, and will be shown on BBC One sometime next year.

Fun For Christmas

It's not too late to order your copy of the Collins Christmas Tape. OurPaul does readings with Jan Francis and sings (a tiny bit) in "The Elves and the Shoemaker".

The Inspector Calls

Mark has been gallivanting around the country appearing in the title role of "An Inspector Calls." Our own Angela and Caz were fortunate enough to catch his performance in Wolverhampton. Caz gave us this capsule review:

[You'll] enjoy Mark McGann - What a smile that man's got when he lets fly! I enjoyed it, and Mark is on stage almost the whole time. It takes a bit of tuning into at first, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

(Sounds like an enjoyable performance....) More on the play is available from What's On Stage.

Emmerdale Farm Gets McGanned

Fans of soap opera "Emmerdale Farm" now have an extra good reason to watch. Youngest brother Stephen has joined the cast as Sean Reynolds. Hope to have more information on his character soon.

12 April, 1999

Grand Days out with Himself

Lynn, Mary Ellen, and Carole have just returned from a breathtaking tour of Bristol along with himself and his lady wife. "How was it?" you ask. Well, let's just say they're finding it rather tough to return to the mundanity of RL. But for more on that...well, you'll just have to wait for the reports. >;-)

Was That Paul?

Apparently ourPaul has been doing voice-overs for ads on British television. Our members have spotted him (well, his voice) in a Vauxhall Vestra ad as well as one for the Derbyshire Building Society. Keep your ears open, there may be more.

Forgotten Comes in Fourth!

Caz shares this with us: "The first edition of Forgotten was the 4th most popular drama in the UK for that week, with over 11 million viewers." Well done! For those who haven't seen Forgotten yet, suffice to say that it is a nail-biter, edge-of-the-seat suspense. Whodunit? We're not telling! Which brings us to:

The PMEB Letter-Writing Campaign!

Jill Brand, of the MA branch, has suggested we all send letters to the heads of programming at WGBH (for Mystery! and Masterpiece Theatre), A&E, the History Channel and Bravo suggesting that they pick up The Monocled Mutineer. This story would work well with any of these network's programming. Also, this would be a good time to suggest that WGBH pick up Forgotten for Mystery! Here are the addresses (thanks to Talavera for the addies to Bravo, History and A&E):

Ron Bachman
125 Western Avenue
Boston, MA 02134

History Channel or A&E
235 E 45th St
New York NY 10017
phone (212) 210-1340

150 Crossways Park W
Woodbury NY 11797
Phone (516) 364-2222

Get out those pens (or fire up that word processor) and get writing!

Doctor Who Returns to Philadelphia

NeeCee lets us know that WYBE in Philly started showing Doctor Who again (beginning with TomDoc) in late March. Lucky things!

15 March, 1999

"Hanging Gale" on Bravo TV Tonight & Wednesday

Folks in the U.S. prepare to be thoroughly McGanned. The excellent, powerful, and harrowing "Hanging Gale" is airing tonight and tomorrow on Bravo TV. Times tonight (Eastern) are 8PM, 11PM, and 4AM (Wed.) for Part 1, and tomorrow 8, 11, and 4 for part 2. This is a definite don't miss!

15 February, 1999

Remember "Forgotten" Tonight!

Tonight at 9:00 PM on Carlton/LWT. This is definitely a don't miss!

Want to see what ourPaul looks like? Visit the FreeServe interview. But watch out for that picture on page 3. They're trying to pass off Joe as his younger brother! But those other pictures....oh my dears! There's also a nice, but definitely shorter interview at Teletext.

Paul's Funny Valentines

Thanks to everyone who contributed, we had a lovely Valentine for ourPaul and HisAnnie. What? You haven't seen it yet??!  Check it out!

31 January, 1999

"Forgotten" -- U.K. Airdate

UK'ers, make your plans to stay home now! According to our Angela (a lovely little lurker :-) Teletext is running an item on "Forgotten" on page 125 or 126 (she can't remember..hmmm). Apparently it is mostly about Amanda Burton, BUT it also says that Forgotten will be aired on February 15th. More details as they arrive.

The McGanns Release Second Single

McGanns Album coverMrs McGann (that is, Paul's Mum) has asked Paul to ask us to post this news "where all McGannites can see it, thereby sparking enquiries from the farthest reaches of the globe." Her wish is, naturally, our command.

The McGanns (brothers Mark, Joe and Stephen) have released their second single A Heartbeat Away, Mark's tribute to their dad. This is a beautiful, touching song with the words "I know you are in heaven/I know you're only a heartbeat away." According to Caz, it has a "great new arrangement" (i.e., different than the one on the album). She also informs us that one of the new songs, It's Good to be Free was written and sung by Mark with additional vocals by Clare (the lone sister to this group of brothers) to a "Bossa Nova beat." The other new song, You (written and sung by Stephen), is "a truly beautiful song with a Celtic flavour." Caz concludes with, "...these men are so talented. Both these new songs are so different from anything on the album."

Their first single, Just My Imagination was released on CD and cassette along with two songs not available on their eponymous album: With a Smile in My Heart (upbeat, though somewhat poignant song about the family growing up together, with nice lead vocals by Stephen), and Believe (which harkens back to some of the Beatles experiments with sitar).

The album and individual singles, wonderful for the way the guys' voices blend, the songs chosen, and just the delight of listening to McGanns in blended harmony, are published by Coalition records. The numbers are COLA 3984-2567-2 (album) and COLA 069CD 3984 260 202 (new single). The first single's number is COLA 062CD2 3984 251362.

Want to make it easier on yourself? If you're not in the UK (and even if you are), I highly recommend purchasing the album and/or singles through Blackstar ( They are very reliable and charge NO postage (such a deal!) Click here for a quick trip to the McGanns page on Blackstar.

Caz reminds everyone to go out and grab a copy of this weekend's The Daily Mail. Apparently there is "the most wonderful picture" of the brothers are on the front of the weekend section. (How did so much talent and good looks end up in one family?!) There are also lots of pictures and interviews inside. Sounds like a winner!

For more about the brothers McGann (including interviews), please visit our McGanns page.

Paul on Teletext

Caz also shares with us this tidbit:
"There is an interview with Paul on page 126 of Teletext channel 3. The interview is about Doctor Who and how much he would like to play the Doctor again. 'I keep meeting these straight laced guys, and when they realise who I am they flip. The interest out there in Doctor Who is incredible. If the film had been a success I would have had to move the family to North America. On the other hand I would have made millions of dollars. I keep hearing rumours of a new Doctor Who film, but no one has been on the phone.'

"At the beginning of the interview they talk about 'heart throb Paul McGann aged 40.'" [when will they get it right??! -- S.]

23 January, 1999

A Lot of Catching Up to Do....

To say the least. Your constant correspondent has been overwhelmed by the holidays and is only now getting back to the news at hand. Here are some of the wonderful things that have been happening.

Paul Responds to Your Birthday Messages

Paul sends his warmest thanks, forwarded by Lynn, to everyone who sent him birthday and holiday wishes. He "loved them". (yes, his own words.) What can we say but, "You're welcome!" :-)

Sad News Of Visions

Elsa was the first to let us know that Visions, that marvelous convention held in Chicago every Thanksgiving weekend for years, is no more. At least, not for 1999. The message from the Visions folks may be read at is particularly disheartening as Visions had been a major gathering place for PMEB'ers since 1996 (being somewhat centrally located.) So the hunt is now on for more venues to meet in.

However, so we won't feel too bad, here are some links to our Members' Visions photo ops and memories pages:
Trina's, Elsa's, Alden's.

Sabina First Anniversary Approaches

The anniversary of our first meeting with Paul, and the day PMEB and British Mercury became official is nearly here (February 28 -- even tho the first wave met him the night before.) It's time to celebrate! Check back for updates.

In the meantime, Lynn is putting together what promises to be a very special issue of British Mercury for the occasion - make sure your membership in BrM is up to date!

connect to Amazon.comOur Mutual Friend aired on Masterpiece Theatre January 3-5. I hope you were able to see it. (In Atlanta, only one of our PBS stations aired Masterpiece Theatre that week.) If you missed it, there is good news in that you can now buy your own copy in the U.S. and that knowing PBS, it will likely air again in the summer. (We can hope!) The lovely thumbnail (left) was borrowed from's page, and will take you there to order your own copy.

Also, if you are a keen critic, Amazon welcomes reviews of OMF. How can we resist such an invitation?

Unfortunately, WGBH (or whoever was in charge of the way OMF looked when it was shown here) in their great wisdom chose to throw out the editing, aspect ratio, and change four episodes into three. (I'll be publishing a diatribe on the way OMF was sliced and diced soon.)

Want to read Our Mutual Friend for yourself? Recommendation: Hang in there! It's a wonderful book, but it takes about four chapters before you get into the swing of Dickens' writing style and all the characters (many of whom were omitted from the BBC version). Want to read it for free? Local library got it on the reserved list? Go to Project Guttenberg and download the text: Good luck and happy reading!

Just for Grins

The TVGuide silly-as-all survey to find the all-time favourite Doctor (as in Who) is still up and running: Vote early and often! ;-) Oh yes, the site will let you do that...

PMEB Website gets Honourable Mention from Bigglethwaite's

Well, we didn't get first place, but did make a respectable showing. Thanks to everyone who voted for us!

While I Was Out -- Interesting Items from November & December

Some of the news Lynn has been forwarding to us about Paul's activities. (with ever so slight editing)

While on a trip to London Paul and Annie went to a party given by Fianna Fail, the Irish Republican Party. Prime Minister Bertie Ahearn was there and especially wanted to meet Paul. He introduced himself to Paul by approaching him from behind, tapping him on the shoulder and asking, "Are you the perfumed ponce?" He's a great Withnail fan. He also records The Grand, a series that Mark is in, every week to send to his daughter in Australia.

Speaking of Withnail - Channel 4 will be making a documentary about it and its cult status. Paul and Richard E. Grant have already recorded their parts. This should lead to another showing of the film as well. (We will keep you informed.)

Paul also did another children's workshop at the film festival in Belfast.

Carole reports:

Paul was a judge for the You magazine Organic Foods Awards (November 1st issue) Tastings took place in London , Bristol (natch) and Oxfordshire and prizes were presented later at the Savoy Hotel by the Prince of Wales. (She has promised to try to get a back copy of this.)

20 November, 1998

Ceremony of Innocence Receives Best of Show

Ceremony of Innocence (the hauntingly  beautiful interactive rendition of Griffin and Sabine featuring ourPaul as Griffin) has received Best of Show from the NewMedia Invision Awards. Congratulations to all involved!

The full article about the award is available from NewMedia.

14 November, 1998

Happy Birthday Paul!

29 October, 1998

Caz gives us more on Forgotten

According to this weeks Radio Times ... "Forgotten" is in fact a TV drama being filmed for LWT.  It stars Paul and Amanda Burton (who is very popular over here.) It is described as a 3-part psychological thriller.The story explores a woman's obsession with finding the man who killed her child 20 years earlier. Burton describes her character as "unhinged". The series is said to have a Twin Peaks mood to it. Currently being shot in the Cotswolds it will be shown on TV next February.

12 November, 1998

PMEB Website Nominated for Bigglethwaite's UKTV Site of the Year

Vote for the PMEB site!Thanks to Jason, we now know that this site has been nominated in the category of Best Fan Site Dedicated to a Male Performer. To vote for the PMEB site (and great sites in the other categories) go to

Vote before December 1.

Just a reminder -- only 2 days left 'til ourPaul's birthday! Get those good birthday wishes in now!

29 October, 1998

Send Your Birthday Greetings to Paul

It's a cyber-birthday card! Add your greetings for Paul.

And, if you want to do something really great for Paul's birthday (which, BTW is November 14) give a donation to your local organization for the homeless in Paul's name. You can either let Lynn know so she can pass it on, add it to your cyber birthday message, or let him know via his agent:
Marina Martin Associates
6a Danbury Street
London N1 8JU

Caz gives us more on Forgotten

According to this weeks Radio Times ... "Forgotten" is in fact a TV drama being filmed for LWT.  It stars Paul and Amanda Burton (who is very popular over here.) It is described as a 3-part psychological thriller.The story explores a woman's obsession with finding the man who killed her child 20 years earlier. Burton describes her character as "unhinged". The series is said to have a Twin Peaks mood to it. Currently being shot in the Cotswolds it will be shown on TV next February.

Alryssa reviews The McGanns on Noel's House Party:

Well, I sat through a whole half hour of it, and managed to catch the boys singing at long last! Woohoo! And Mark is the lead singer in this one, and a very nice voice he has too. In fact, Stephen's is quite nice, and.. erm. Anyhoo. Another bit of repartee with the talking doorknocker, something about how all Scousers are comedians, whatever. This time they said, "We've been invited by Noel to sing at the party, and that's what we're going to do!"

And they did. And very well. Luvverly!

Caz Adds:

The boys all wore black. Mark was in the middle and was much smaller than the other two. He seemed to be the lead singer but they all took turns. Great harmonies.Steven had a really good voice

It was a feast for a jaded palate

26 October, 1998

Caz reports to us that  the McGanns have been given a recording contract by Warner Bros.Unfortunately , this does not include Paul, only Mark, Joe & Stephen. An album featuring a mix of original songs and cover versions, and a single which is a cover of the Temptations "Just My Imagination" are to be released on October 26th. To promote the release Joe will be doing a lot of publicity (including Noel's House Party).

TOTGA postponed by A&E

Got news from A&E that The One That Got Away is now scheduled to be aired "sometime" in December.  This after they bitterly disappointed us by airing Law & Order instead of TOTGA on the 25th. :-p

22 September, 1998

Paul Appearances on U.S. Television

The One That Got Away is slated to appear on A&E on October 25. For those who don't know: In TOTGA Paul plays Chris Ryan, a British SAS officer who was lost behind Iraqi lines during the Gulf War and just managed to escape. It is based on a true story. This is a real nail-biter.

Our Mutual Friend now has a definite spot on Masterpiece Theatre. It will be broadcast in three two-hour episodes on January 3, 4 and 5, 1999. It's going to be interesting to see the difference between this format and the original four 1.5-hour episodes as aired on the BBC.

7 September, 1998

British Mercury to Give Away an Autographed Copy of  Ceremony of Innocence

From Lynn Gavigan:
I am planning some sort of a contest for either the fall or maybe a special issue. I haven't decided yet. But I do know one thing- you will have to join (or renew as the case may be) to be eligible!

Visit the British Mercury site or contact Lynn for more information.

Paul -- Forgotten?

News carried from Lynn:
Paul is currently working in the Cotswolds on "Forgotten" (its working title) for London Weekend Television. The story is set in a small rural community where a child goes missing. Paul is playing a character whose family runs a bed and breakfast and have a young daughter themselves.

Lynn adds, "The little girl is to be played by a child who used to go to his son's school. Paul saw her act in a little school play when she was tiny and spotted that she had talent. She has done small roles but this is her first big job and apparently, she has blown everyone away! Paul as talent scout!"

Financial backing pulled from Johnny Hit and Run Pauline

More from our Lynn (good thing we have her, eh?):
Johnny Hit and Run Pauline
has most likey bitten the dust. The money has been pulled and while they are still trying, it does not look promising at this time. This is a big disappointment for Paul as he liked the script and was looking forward to the project and feels as if the more interesting and intelligent a film is, the less likely it is to get made.

2 August, 1998

Uncle Monty's Cottage is for Sale!

From the BBC news, Uncle Monty's cottage from Withnail & I is up for sale. Definitely a fixer-upper. Anyone want to help the PMEB buy it as a Holiday Home for the fangrrls?

Text (reprinted without permission, but with great respect):
Looking for a dream house - and you don't mind a fixer-upper? Then this could be the place for you.

The derelict 18th century Cumbrian cottage used in the cult film Withnail and I is up for sale - broken windows, peeling wallpaper, cigarette-infested carpet and all.

The owners of Sleddale Hall, Northwest Water, had hoped to renovate the property and turn it into a holiday let and workshop.

However, planning permission was denied on grounds that it would change the character of the valley.

Northwest Water have now said they are willing to sell the property and will consider sensible offers.

Thousands of Withnail and I fans have travelled from as far as America, Canada and Australia to see the cottage.

Sleddale Hall, or Crow Cragg as it was called in the film, became the holiday residence from hell for the two main characters, Withnail and Marwood.

Withnail feared dying of hypothermia in the place, and Marwood spent most of his holiday fending off the attentions of his friend's ageing uncle.

The country cottage remains as dilapidated today as it was when the film was made in 1985 - much to the happiness of the film's fans.

6 August, 1998

Visions Update

Paul has turned down the folks at Visions due to "conflicting professional commitments". Sad news indeed. However, the upside to this is it means more work for ourPaul, and more of him to see. Good news from Visions is that Sylvester McCoy has confirmed! So...see you there!

News on the Video/Television Front

Downtime, though only short-lived in theatres, will soon be available on video (rental and sales). Two British sources for videos with ourPaul are Black Star and VideoPlus Direct. Right now, Black Star is charging NOTHING for shipping, while VideoPlus has rather steep shipping charges to anywhere outside the U.K. (£6.00 for the first video, and £4.00 for each additional -- twinpack videos are charged as two tapes!) Oh, and the films are in PAL format. least they carry films not available here (The Hanging Gale, Our Mutual Friend, and Seduction of a Priest to name but three.)

I have order three videos from them, so I'll let y'all know how it goes and how long they take to arrive.

FairyTale: A True Story will very soon be available for rental in the U.K.  It is currently available to rent in the U.S., and is also available for sale on laserdisc.

Caz has brought us this tidbit:
The Hanging Gale is going to be aired again on BBC2 starting next Wednesday (12 August) at 9:30 p.m. It will be shown in its original 4 episodes format. Just a reminder, for you Canadians who get TVO, The Hanging Gale will begin airing there on August 26th at 9:00 p.m.

2 August, 1998

Well, I'm waaaay behind in news items, so there's a bumper bundle today.

The Hanging Gale comes to Canada

Marion (the wild Canute and Leader of the Clavicle Squad) gives us this heads up:
TVO, the Ontario public tv network, will be re-running The Hanging Gale beginning on August 26th at 9 pm.

Paul comes to L.A. -- OMF to come to Masterpiece Theatre

Paul was recently in L.A. doing, among other things, his bit to help sell Our Mutual Friend to the Americans. Ana let us know that the Post-Dispatch of 19 July (Gail Pennington's column) reported that along with American productions this year, Masterpiece Theatre will be airing two major British/BBC Productions. One of them is King Lear. And the other is.... OMF!! Be prepared to stay glued to your sets for four weeks.

New Film to Begin Production in September

Lynn brings us this news about Johnny Hit and Run Pauline: In September filming is set to begin on  on the Isle of Man. Paul will be playing Johnny. Also slated to be in the cast are Sherilyn Fenn, Miranda Richardson and Kate Winslet. Emma Thompson is Executive Producer.

Joe McGann on Stage

Caz shares this little snippet on brother Joe: Joe McGann is starring with Toyah Wilcox in the adult comedy "Live Bed Show" which opens in Hornchurch Essex on August 24th.

18 May, 1998

Joe McGann to star in new British SF show??

BexMod has brought us this news from the latest issue of SFx:
"Joe McGann of Upper Hand fame, has signed to play Noel Kennard, the hero of new British SF hope, First Frontier.

"Filming of the pilot, written by Doctor Who and Babylon 5 novelist  Jim Mortimore, is scheduled to begin later this year. Its producers hope the 20 episode follow-up series will reach British screens in Autumn 1999 - beginning a five-year story filled with unexpected twists and turns."

12 May, 1998 (Must be twofer Tuesday)

Paul Invited to Visions '98!

Yes, it can now be told. Paul has been invited to attend Visions '98 as a guest. Now then, as most of us know by now, Paul has very little (if any) inclination to appear at a Convention. However, we are hoping that by the PMEB's intervention (yeah, right) we may yet change his mind. Whether or not he comes, however, we heartily encourage our members to attend Visions, meet the other PMEB'ers (and there are a bunch of us!) and enjoy the PMEB party on Friday night (bring your pink, red and white balloons!) Last year's party was the best attended at that con; this year we hope to have a larger room. More on that as plans progress!

Streets of Yesterday is Now Available

In 1989, Paul starred in this independently-made Israeli film directed by Judd Ne'eman. We have been tracking down this film since last fall when Meg first discovered its web page. Streets of Yesterday is about the friendship between an Israeli Jew (Paul, I think -- though it's not stated on the page) and a Palestinian Arab which is put to the test by the death of the Palestinian and the resumption of his cause by his Jewish friend. The synopsis is available from the Independent Israeli Cinema site.

As Elsa puts it: "As far as I can tell from the description, you can think of it as a bit of a thriller, as Paul goes on the run from various factions in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict."

Yasmin Barak of INDIC has let me know, and forward on to you, that this film may be purchased from them for the cost of $50 for private use (individual purchaser). The price for non-theatrical purposes (institutes etc. - not a personal client) is $150. The cost of shipping is  $15  ($22 for express mail). These prices are in American dollars, and the shipping is to the U.S. This is a PAL tape, however. If you prefer NTSC, there will be a further conversion charge. For more information, please contact Yasmin Barak:  Please remember that this is not a commercially released film, and the money paid for it helps the film company to make more films.

6 May, 1998

Paul Comes to CD-ROM

Griffin and Sabine began as  a gorgeous book full of the "correspondence" between Griffin, an English artist, and Sabine, his "South Sea Island muse." It consisted of a series of exotic postcards containing the pair's writings to each other. Now this book has become a trilogy, and from there been translated into CD-ROM (in both German and English) by (I believe) Radio Real World. The exciting thing for us is that Paul gave Griffin his voice. The outcome of all this is "Ceremony of Innocence" which is available from Radio Real World:

In the English version, Griffin is played by Paul McGann, who many may remember for his portrayal of a similar character in the cult film classic, 'Withnail and I'. Paul recorded the part at Real World studios where he met Alex Gifford (music), and Andy Kennedy (sound effects). Together they explored interpretations of Griffin's character and moods, until the boundaries between their tasks became blurred. Paul's interpretation of Griffin and the accompanying soundtrack were thus developed, resulting in an intricate dance of musical and human emotion that set the style for the entire audio track.

Thanks to Lynn for bringing this news to us!

29 April 1998

Paul McGann and Kenneth Branagh Together!

A big thank you to Meg for alerting us to this very exciting news. The following is quoted from Yahoo! News:

Top Stars Make Movie 'Guide' For Film-Makers

Kenneth Branagh, Paul McGann and a host of Oscar-winning British talent are shooting a film to inspire youngsters to take up the camera.

While they shoot The Dance Of Shiva about the untold story of Indian troops in the First World War, a fly-on-the-wall documentary team will film the masters at work.

Cinematographer Jack Cardiff, now in his 80s, won an Oscar for The Black Narcissus back in the 1940s, and production designer John Box has no less than four, for Lawrence of Arabia, Dr Zhivago, Oliver! and Nicholas and Alexandra.

For more, visit the enthusiastic Ngoc Vu's incredibly comprehensive Kenneth Branagh site.

28 February 1998

As of this date the PMEB is an OFFICIAL Paul McGann Fan Club!

Tonight, after attending Sabina, 13 of us were fortunate to meet with Paul McGann after the play. He came down to the pub (the Fringe and Firkin) to be greeted by 12 women and one brave man (Jason!) bearing gifts and good wishes. As well as everything else, Steph and Lynn both asked Paul for his blessings upon our fan club endeavours. Gracious and charming he acknowledged enjoying the PMEB site and reading British Mercury (or as he said smilling to Lynn, "That was you?!) He also said yes. So from this day we are both "real". PMEB covers the internet, and British Mercury the print media (hoping especially to reach those who do not have internet access, though I would recommend visting BrM's site).

Thank you, Paul, for making this one dream, in particular, come true.

Want to tell BBC (or at least, other fans) how you feel about Doctor Who?

The Radio Times website has many forums currently running on topics ranging from comedy to Doctor Who and other science fiction favourites.

21 April 1998

Our Mutual Friend comes to Australia!

Kate O. brings us this news:
Our Mutual Friend will begin screening in Australia on ABC TV next
Sunday night. The Sydney Morning Herald's TV guide ran a cover article on the
production (and costume drama in general) - without so much as a mention
of Paul! But the mini-review for Sunday described him as "charming".

For more on Our Mutual Friend (including RealAudio clips of our Paul) visit the BBC's marvelous "souvenir" website.

Want to tell the BBC how much you enjoyed OMF and the souvenir website? Visit Oi! on RadioTimes.

1 March 1998

Sabina has been held over to 14 March!

Whether through the mob of PMEBers that thronged the Bush from 27 February or not, the good news is that Sabina is continuing on until 14 March. Carole and Alryssa are already planning to attend, and anyone who can get to London should consider going whether you can make it on the last night or not. This is a wonderful play (and soon we will have all our recollections here for you to read.) In the meantime, you may enjoy viewing some pictures that those of us who attended from 27 Feb through 4 March have taken.

20 January 1998

Alryssa has done some research for us concerning Sabina:

Well, this is good news. The play is running till March 7th... ticket prices are £10, £6 for students etc, and (get this!) the seating ISN'T ALLOCATED!!!! So get there early and dash down the front!!!! [note: we do not necessarily condone running in theatres -- but Alryssa does have a point about arriving early to get a good seat. Especially as The Bush only seats 105!]

19 January 1998

This is some of the most exciting news we've had for a while!

Reprinted from the What's Onstage News from Wednesday, 14 January 1998
(with permission)

Bush to Stage World Premiere of Wilsonís Sabina
West London fringe venue the Bush Theatre will stage the world premiere of Snoo Wilson's latest play, Sabina, next month. This will be the prolific playwright's 11th play for the Bush and his first since Darwin's Flood in 1994. Sabina also marks the return to the stage of Paul McGann, British film star famous for his role in the cult classic Withnail and I. His latest film, Fairy Story [sic], in which he co-stars with Peter O'Toole and Harvey Keitel is soon to be released. Sabina is McGann's first appearance at the Bush and his first theatrical role in 13 years. Sabina explores the relationship between Carl Jung, played by McGann, and his 18-year-old patient Sabina Spielrein. Meeting and swiftly curing the beautiful and brilliant Sabina sets Jung off on a radical departure from his mentor Sigmund Freud. The relationship also acts as a catalyst for his burgeoning belief in the paranormal and his taste for forbidden love. Sabina opens Monday, 9 February with previews from 5 February.

I don't know about you, but I think I better check if my passport has been updated.

About The Bush Theatre:
Above the Fringe and Firkin
Shepherds Bush Green
W12 8QD
Box Office: (0)181 743 3388
Tube/ BR - Shepherds Bush

[Note: North Americans, remember to dial 011-44 before the phone number!]

13 January 1998

Lynn has some rather sad news for us:
"I had written to Pandora Cinema, distributer for the film Downtime, and they have informed me that the film will NOT be distributed in North America. Now we'll have to wait until the video comes out - only in PAL format no doubt."

9 January 1998

Our Mutual Friend -- update

According to the Sunday Times of London (4 Jan 98): "The BBC is to screen Our Mutual Friend, Charles Dickens's last complete novel, starring Paul McGann and Anna Friel in March ..." Okay, so now we have a definite month.

7 January 1998

Our Mutual Friend in Production

Paul is currently working on this BBC Television 4-part adaptation of the Charles Dickens novel. He is playing Eugene Rayburn, the story's "anti-hero" (according to the Radio Times). For those who love Paul's hair long, you will be overjoyed to know that it appears he has grown his own hair out for this part. However, he also has a moustache for the role. Is it his own? Check out these screen shots from a recent interview (also available below), and decide for yourself. (Thanks to Marcus Durham for the shots from "This Morning" inteview from 18 Nov. 97)

Zaph relayed this tidbit from the Radio Times last July:

Paul McGann and Keely Hawes star in a new four-part BBC adaption of Dickens's last materpeices, 'Our Mutual Friend'. He plays anti-hero Eugene Wrayburn; she's the brave Lizzie Hexham. Anna Friel, David Morrissey, Pam Ferris and Timothy Spall join them in a star-studded cast. filming starts this week in London, Cardiff and Glousestershire...

Caz had this to add from The Stage:

Paul McGann, Anna Friel, Pam Ferris, Timothy Spall, and Peter Vaughan have been cast in the leading roles of what BBC2 controller Mark Thomson is describing as "one of the biggest and boldest adaptations " the channel has ever screened.

They will star in Sandy Welch's adaptation of Dickens' Our Mutual Friend to be screened next year. Filming begins this week and continues until October. Thompson commented " It is a classic, full of contemporary relevance, a dark and beguiling vision of London which we are sure will resonate with todays audiences."

Producer Catherine Wearing promises the production would "restate the genius of Dickens for our times." The production would have a modern feel, with flashbacks and dislocations of time. [Does this mean that Pauldoc is appearing??? --Caz]

It is one of the strongest casts ever assembled by the corporation.

Our Mutual Friend is due to be broadcast on BBC2 in the Spring of 1998. Mary Ellen has provided us with a "review and capsule summary" of Dickens' story.

Downtime debuts at the London Film Festival

Paul's most recent film is Downtime. On 22 November (so close) it premiered at the London Film Festival. Downtime is due to be released in the U.K. this spring. There has been no date set (that we know of) for release in North America or Australia. Downtime also stars Susan Lynch (Rebecca in Ivanhoe and Caroline of Brunswick in A Royal Scandal ) and is directed by Bharat Nalluri.

Synopsis from the London Film Festival site (by Adrian Wootton):

A man, a woman, and a child are trapped in a council tower block, as an act of vandalism turns the place into a death trap. This simple premise makes for a witty, inventive thriller that carefully builds up tension and slots in a series of cunning twists. The grotty location and atmosphere are believably recreated and the action sequences are cleverly orchestrated for maximum impact. The romantic sub-plot is interwoven into the film by sure-footed characterisation and an engagingly light directorial touch. The result is a confident debut for both scriptwriter and director.

Synopsis from the Internet Movie Database (by Anonymous):

Former police psychologist Rob [McGann] helps to save young Chrissy [Lynch] when she is about to commit suicide by jumping of 21st-story balcony with her 4-year-old son Jake. When he persuades her to go on a date, they are trapped with Jake and old Pat [Birdy Sweeney] in an elevator because a drunken gang crashed into the elevator's engine room.

Fairytale: A True Story

For fans needing a fix right now. Fairytale is currently showing in North America and Great Britain (is it on in the Southern Hemisphere?) Catch it soon, as it may not be in your local theatre much longer.

It also stars Peter O'Toole (as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle) and Harvey Keitel (as Harry Houdini). It is produced by Paramount and Icon Productions (the same company which brought us "Braveheart").

Synopsis courtesy of the press release from Paramount:

"During one summer afternoon in 1917, two young cousins, Frances Griffiths (Elizabeth Earl) and Elsie Wright (Florence Hoath), borrowed a camera from Elsie's father, Arthur (Paul McGann), and went down to the stream (also known as a "beck" in Yorkshire) that ran at the bottom of their garden. The photographs they brought back sparked a controversy that is still alive some eighty years later; for they were believed by some to be the first scientific evidence of the existence of fairies. It would also change their lives and their family's attitude to the unknown as the two girls, protected by their innocence, stood bravely in the face of general disbelief."

Okay, so the real photos are obviously faked. It doesn't matter. This is a delightful film which the entire family can enjoy on many levels. It is not about fairies so much as belief in something beyond ourselves, courage in the face of horror, and hope.

Want to tell BBC (or at least, other fans) how you feel about Doctor Who?

The Radio Times website has many forums currently running on topics ranging from comedy to Doctor Who and other science fiction favourites.

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