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Sabina -- World Tour 1998 (well, our visit to Shepherd's Bush)
These are mostly photo sites. We'll be adding narrative as soon as our pulses stop racing. Paul has a sweetness and generosity of spirit that few people, celebrity or not, show. Thank you, Paul, for making this one of the most wonderful experiences we have ever had.

Alex gets the ball rolling
Dianne and Janet share their precious moments
Judi has some wonderful photos here
Marion and Vicky add great group shots
Random and Jason's piccies
Steph contributes her pictures from Saturday. Plus, the Radio Times cover and autograph

Visions '98 (aka The Alden Love-Fest)

Kris (Antiwesley)
Mojober (includes the Alden collage ;-)

Visions '97


Stratford, Ontario 1998

Trina's pictures

Gallifrey One, 1998


A Brief Visit to Oz and Kiwiland

Trina's visit to PMEB members "Down Under"

Related "Official" Sites

British Mercury
Our sister fan club, run by the delightful Lynn Gavigan

The online 'zine featuring stories, poems, and illustrations created by the members of the PMEB. Collected, edited, and beautifully presented by co-ListMom Elsa Frohman. 

Behind the TARDIS Door
The web site devoted to the writings and member profiles of the PMEB. Originally created and maintained by the devoted Brenda V, who is now taking a much-deserved sabbatical and handing the keys to our Bex.

PMEB Member Pages
(no, this isn't everyone -- please let me know if you feel left out)

Alden (of Kiwi-land) was one of the first men brave enough to join the Testosterone Auxiliary of the PMEB. He's dead keen on Bonnie Langford.

Alryssa of Gallifrey is our token Welsh Woman and the keeper of all knowledge of the Welsh language here in Yr ardal o'r gwael.
Starfleet Sector Command
Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased)

Andie has beautiful stories (coupled with Mojober's equally beautiful illusrations)

Becky D. (aka BexMod, or the Moderator) She who approved the creation of the notorious Mistress Mel, dominatrix of a thousand dreams!

Becky R (aka Starfury) one of the many internet Beckies.

Beth (aka Soulfire)

Bill T (aka CrowTRobt)

Brenda's Page: Follow the links to learn about the PMEB Invasion of London!

Chrissy has just discovered tables...have a look

David Rubin's page of Doctor Who info and links

Edana is an unrepentant Oscar Wilde fan

Elsa (Co-List-Mom extraordinaire) has all kinds of places to visit
Voices of the PMEB
The London Invasion
Visions '97

Agent J's page: Includes one of the most complete biographies available

Janet E.

Jason M. (aka Gamera)

Jondar (aka Jason) One of our favourite Aussies

Judi (aka DrGrace) waxes poetic on topic of ourPaul includes some stills and snaps of PMEB at Visions '97

GailPolly is here (just don't mention the Rod of Rassillon)

The fabulous Kate Orman's Doctor Who and more
(yeah, right, Steph, just keep sucking up...)

Kerry (yet another Kiwi) is one of our many prolific writers (and she quilts!)

Kim has a nice Doctor Who page

Kris, the AntiWesley, and his Netherworld

Lisa G. -- you'll find Keith Topping's fanfic page here, as well as pics from Galley '98 (yet another gathering place for PMEB'ers)

Lith's wonderful Doctor Who art. You'd better sit down for this one

Lori G's: be sure to check out Warm Gallifreyan Nights -- reserve your copy now!!

Lynn's Page: Home of the British Mercury our sister Paul McGann fan club

Mary Ellen is an incredible portrait-maker of Paul McGann -- She's also a regular contributor to the British Mercury (another reason to subscribe!)
Here is her Christmas card (see more of her work in the Art Gallery)

Mia is the mistress of the Paul McGann Image Gallery -- an absolute must-see! (Watch out for the picture of Father Liam on the main page -- it's been known to make strong women weak at the knees!)

The Master and The Rani have gotten together (we know them as Drake and Chrissy!)

Mojober is another of our marvelous artists. Here's her tribute to ourPaul.

Paul Gadzikowski's home -- Doctor Who, Star Trek, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and M*A*S*H fanfiction in text and comic strip form - Bedivere's Round Table - Cartoons - The Return of Archy the Cockroach

Random Companion is a wonderful wild woman -- and she's got some great links!

Miss Rori is our tender-hearted poet and ballad-writer. Tread softly gentle reader. Rori has a soft-spot for Tom Baker.

Shel (aka Paige) also has some nice Visions pictures

Steph (Co-List-Mom, aka Toni_R) can be found at
her Tall, Thin & Tortured Site includes an offbeat Paul biography
artistic renderings of The Doctrix may be found here

Suki (aka Nicky, aka Troublemaker, -- well, just go to her page)
oh yes, she's also rather fond of Sylvester McCoy
And not to forget to too-adorable-to-not-be-made BeanieDocs

Terisa is fond of Sylvester McCoy, too

Trinalin's home, It's not a prerequisite to be fond of Sylvester McCoy, but it doesn't hurt. ;-)

Venice (aka Nyssa) Kia Ora!

Zaph (who started in the UK) decided to invade the United States in retaliation for PMEB's London invasion.

Stephen McGann and The Hanging Gale

Stephen McGann (unbeknownst to some) is not only a fine actor, researcher, producer, etc. etc., but also has put together one of the most informative, well-researched, and well-designed sites on The Hanging Gale, the Potato Famine, and genealogical searches. (and no, this isn't just to butter him up. :-)

Sadly, the BBC in their wisdom have seen fit to remove this site. We will let you know if we find an alternate site.

You can order a PAL copy of The Hanging Gale from

From the ABC (Australia) site -- including a very nice picture of all four brothers.

Doctor Who

Trina runs a mailing list for admirers of (who else?) Sylvester McCoy. To join the SMCSB (you'll have to ask her what all that stands for) visit OneList.

Siobahn Morgan's Doctor Who Home Page
the definitive reference for links to Doctor Who pages

Shannon Sullivan's Doctor Who News

Marcus Durham's News of Doctor Who

Radio Times Oi! Doctor Who Debate

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